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Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas

Your Health Is Our Business!

Get 10% off air duct cleaning.

AC vent cleaning only $4.99 per vent.

Dryer vent cleaning $98. 

UVB light special, kills all airborne viruses and bacteria.

Ask about our coil cleaning special.

Call now for a free estimate.

The Best Duct Cleaning Company In Las Vegas!

100% satisfaction guarantee!

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is something we don't take lightly. If you are not 100% satisfied with our work we'll give you a no-hassle refund. Our work is guaranteed up to two full years!


We have an A+ rating with the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau for a reason: We treat each of our customers like our own family.


As a family owned business we take your family's health just as seriously as our own. You can rest assured we will do everything necessary to provide your family with safe, clean air.

air duct cleaning las vegas cool breeze

Air Duct Contaminant Facts

  • 9 out of 10 HVAC system failures are caused by unnecessary dirt and dust.

  • 50% of all airborne illnesses are caused by polluted air.

  • Only .042 inches of dirt and dust on a system can decrease efficiency by 21%

Air-Duct-Cleaning Cool Breeze NV LLC

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Have your air ducts been serviced in the past          4-5 years?

  • Does your house constantly collect dust no matter how much you clean it?

  • Do you notice any allergy symptoms when you turn on your heating and cooling system?

  • Do you have children in your home?

  • Would cleaner air in your home be beneficial for your overall health?


Cool Breeze Services

Air Duct Cleaning

We clean and sanitize your home air ducts, increasing efficiency of your system and giving you more breathable air. We work to be the best when it comes to air duct cleaning in Las Vegas, so give us a call today! With dust storms and high winds commonplace in Las Vegas, your air ducts take a sever beating every Summer. 

Having your air ducts cleaned or ac vents serviced is critical for maintaining maximum efficiency of your ac system.

If your vents are packed with dust and hair from pets, the ac units cannot operate effectively, which increases your energy bills and sends particulate matter flying through your homes vents.

Call us today to ensure your ac ducts are sparkling clean, and providing you with the cleanest, most breathable air possible.

Avoid a home fire with professional dryer vent cleaning. We'll ensure your dryer is at max efficiency and safety by cleaning your dryer vent.

When lint builds up in the vent, it can cause serious issues in terms of fire probability. You must make sure you are cleaning out your lint trap after each dryer session, and having your dryer vent cleaned every couple years.

Call us to clean out your dryer vents so you don't have to worry about a hidden fire hazard.

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Electrostatic Filters

We're currently offering a special on electrostatic air filters. These powerful filters never have to be replaced, only cleaned from time to time. Ask about how much cleaner your system can be with electrostatic filters.

Your customers and tenants are your most valuable assets. Ensure they're only breathing the cleanest air possible with our commercial air duct cleaning service in Las Vegas.


We offer a free no obligation quote, and will work tirelessly to clean your commercial building's ducts to perfection. 


Give us a call today for a fast and free quote!

Even if you have had your air ducts cleaned in the past few years, you should always keep up with replacing the Air Filters every other month. The buildup, especially if you have pets, in Las Vegas can happen quickly and create unnecessary strain on your ac system. We'll clean your Air Filters and replace them if necessary. Call us today and ask about our current specials.

"If you’re sensitive to what’s found in dust, it’s to your best advantage to minimize exposure to it."

Dr. Anthony Montanaro

Head of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Allergy Associates Research Center

Call us today for your free ac vent cleaning service estimate!

About Cool Breeze Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas

Our mission at Cool Breeze NV LLC is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients and be the leading air duct service company in Las Vegas. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our ac vent service. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

We are a 100% licensed, insured and family owned, giving all of our happy customers the peace of mind that they're working with a professional and knowledgeable team that. We ensure your home will have the cleanest air you have ever had. In dusty and windy Las Vegas it's critical that your air duct contractor doesn't cut corners. We will never leave a home without doing a completely thorough job that ensures your family is breathing the cleanest air possible. 

If you feel that your ac unit could be operating better, it's necessary to have your air ducts cleaned to ensure you're not throwing money out the window due to ac duct buildup. Make sure you check your ac vents and have them cleaned regularly to make sure no excess dirt, hair, lint, or other particulate matter has gotten into the ducts.

It should be noted that our over the phone estimate is a "guesstimate". Our number one goal is to make sure you have clean air for your family and sometimes we encounter homes that have smokers in the home, pets, longer than mentioned time between cleanings, and other issues that can cause the job to go longer than anticipated over the phone. For these reasons, the in home estimate may differ from the over the phone quote. We will advise you once our in home inspection is complete and allow you to make the decision whether it's best for you and your family. If the quote doesn't suit you, we'll happily walk away as friends, but we will not perform the air duct cleaning if the quote is not accepted first.

We pay special attention to your home and are cautious throughout the entire process, as we continue to provide excellent service and are dedicated to keeping you as a long term customer. Whether it's dryer vent cleaning or ac vent cleaning, we promise you will be satisfied with both the work and our professional demeanor.

If you would like your air ducts cleaned or dryer vents cleaned by true professional with decades of experience give us a call today, get your free over-the-phone estimate, and book your in-home cleaning. Your health truly is our business.

Call us today for your free ac vent and duct cleaning estimate!

A BBB Interview With Cool Breeze Duct Cleaning Owner, Shay Kanfi.

5 Reasons To Have Your Home Air Ducts Cleaned, Serviced And Sanitized

1) Big Reduction In Lung Irritants and Allergens

It's not just dust that builds up in your air ducts! All kinds of irritants and allergens hang out in your ducts, including: pollen, mildew, bacteria, pet dander and mold spores. Yikes! Getting your home's ac vents cleaned will help you avoid respiratory problems and minimize your risk of stuffy noses and other nasty allergy symptoms.

2) A Cleaner Living Environment

Las Vegas is notorious for our not-so-welcome dust storms and windy days, helping loads of dust penetrate your home through doors and open windows. Once inside the dust gets circulated around your home, landing on your furniture, bedding and flooring. Getting a professional cleaning every 3-4 years will help you cut down on cleaning time! Not only that, but you'll feel the difference when you breathe the circulated air. The air in your home after a thorough air duct cleaning and sanitization is unmatched. If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or other allergies, it's critical to ensure you're breathing the cleanest air possible.

3) Improves Your AC Efficiency 

If you haven't had your ducts cleaned in a few years, chances are the buildup has gotten pretty bad. The dust and grime that resides in your ducts can impede air flow, dropping the efficiency of your homes ac unit. A thorough cleaning will maximize your units efficiency and save you on heating/cooling costs during blistering Las Vegas Summers and chilly Winters.

4) Eliminates Many Unpleasant Smells and Odors From Your Home

Many particles that get lodged in your air ducts carry smells, especially if you have pets or smokers in the home. Those smells get circulated through your ducts, and buildup in the ducts can create a musty odor flow through your home. Get your ducts cleaned to ensure those scents aren't being jettisoned through the different rooms in your home. 

5) More Breathable Air For Happier Lungs!

Even the healthiest adults can become susceptible to annoying coughing and sneezing, especially during allergy season. Chronic allergies, stuffy noses, and respiratory symptoms can be exacerbated by dirty air ducts. Cleaner air from spotless air ducts can minimize your risk for these unpleasant symptoms, allowing you and your family to breathe the fresh, healthy air it truly deserves.

Avoid Dirty Air Ducts Like These By Calling Us Today For Your FREE Quote

Before the cleaning by Cool Breeze

Dirty Air Duct

dryer vent cleaning before Cool Breeze cleaned it.

Dirty Dryer Vent

Cool Breeze Testimonials

Our customers love us, and we love them! Call us today for your free air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning quote!


I am so happy we chose this company. As first time homeowners, we knew how important it was to have the vents checked in our '89 house. Shay was very professional when we spoke on the phone, the questions he asked me about our home gave me relief that he knew what he was talking about. He worked with me on our schedules. He showed up promptly when he said he would and got right to work. I'm a clean-freak, so I was really happy when he put on his little booties every time he entered the house. He even removed them in the garage and put them back on when he came back in!


Shay not only cleaned our vents (they were filthy thanks to previous owners smoking inside... ew!!!), but he also wiped up all the little bits of debris that fell out when he removed the covers (as best as he could, what more could I ask for!). He went above and beyond by answering all of our questions, explaining and showing us how things work, and guided us through ways to save money on our electric bill.


We literally had a new A.C. unit on our to-do list and would have spent a fortune on that if we wouldn't have had our vents cleaned by Shay first. Turns out the previous homeowners had added the wrong filters in strange places where they don't belong, which is why our air never felt like it was matching up to our settings.


He was very honest and didn't try to take advantage of our inexperience, which is what stood out the most. Thank you!! Highly recommend! - Ivana K.


"Shai was great & did a SERIOUS job snaking my dryer vent for excess, leftover, caked-on lint. After he cleaned it out and ran the (electric) dryer, it got considerably hotter much quicker. You could definitely sense a difference. 


He's very professional and friendly and I would totally recommend him to anyone. He went above and beyond even going so far as to check my other vents & mk recommendations on the cleaning of those vents and offered a recommendation for the changing of my filters, since I had just moved in to this rental (that was built in 1985)." - Jackie T.


Shay from Cool Breeze did an excellent job cleaning the air ducts in our house. He arrived on time and was very friendly and polite. He was also very kind and respectful to all my pets, which was awesome. Our ducts were so covered in dust and dirt they looked hairy! It was disgusting! We just purchased the house and who knows how long it had been since they were cleaned, if ever.

Shay took his time and did a good job on each vent. When he was done, I took a look and it was amazing at how clean everything was. There was no dust at all and it was all wiped clean! Shay even gave me some advice on what to do about the old style insulation that was lining the vents, on how to keep those fibers from getting into the air. Great, friendly service and wonderful job done. Thank you Shay. I highly recommend Cool Breeze for all your AC & HVAC needs." - Aubrey B.


"I am very happy that I chose Cool Breeze. I was fit it on the same day of his busy schedule. The serviceman was professional, neat and shared his knowledge regarding troubleshooting problems in the future.


Most importantly, he didn't try to upcharge me as other companies wanted to do. He charges a reasonable flat fee for his service that is more than half of his competitors. I would definitely use this company again! Call him first!" - Pat A.

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Things To Do In Las Vegas, NV

Whether you're new to Las Vegas or you've been around for awhile, here are a few must see visit places in Las Vegas.

During the summer if you're looking to cool, off we highly recommend Lake Las Vegas, where you can try out a number of different water sports or just hang in the shade.

Before it gets too hot take a hike at Red Rock Canyon, it's a favorite of locals, or visit the stunning Hoover Dam. If you're into more of an artistic crowd, our world famous Smith Center always has fantastic shows lined up.

Cool Breeze Air Duct Cleaning is located at 4454 Willowhill Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89147.

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