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Cool Breeze

AC Vent Cleaning Las Vegas

Your health is our business! Ask about our $4.99 per vent Summer special!

Cool Breeze

AC Vent Cleaning Services

We service all Las Vegas and Henderson residents to help you have the cleanest, healthiest air ducts in town.


We also offer dryer vent cleaning to help you avoid dreaded home dryer fires that can be devastating for your family and investment.


Cool Breeze

Our Service

With new developments popping up almost every week, Las Vegas is now one of the fastest growing cities in all of the United States!

With all of these new homes and new residents like yourself, Las Vegas is quickly becoming one of the most sought after real estate markets.

It's a very safe area in Las Vegas, perfect for families, retirees as well as young professionals that have decided California is simply too expensive.

Not only is it scorching hot in the Summers, it's also very windy and dusty. Dust and wind storms pick up an incredible amount of dry, loose dirt and swirls that dust around into homes across all of Las Vegas.

Have your ac vents cleaned by true professionals to ensure your ac system is running at it's most efficient levels, especially during the Summer.


Cool Breeze

Contact Us

Give me a call today to experience the cleanest healthiest air possible in your home or business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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