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8 Must Read Allergy Facts For Homeowners

Almost every one of us is aware of the fact that poor air quality is detrimental to our health. Being aware of this, we make every effort to maintain the cleanliness of the air that we inhale within our residences so that it can prevent us from getting affected by allergies. 


However, it is not always feasible to avoid allergy flare-ups in spite of keeping your house clean. It will be imperative to get your air ducts cleaned every few years, and stay on top of dusting your air vents and ceiling fans.


Nonetheless, you will be wrong if you are of the notion that you can escape allergies by doing that. As compared to the other serious ailments out there, allergies might appear to be somewhat harmless, but once you are affected by allergies you will have a tough time ahead of you.


We've brought you 8 allergy facts that will help you understand how important it is to get a thorough air duct cleaning to ensure you don't exacerbate allergy symptoms from dirty air ducts.

1. The Air In Your House Is Likely Contaminated

Many of us believe that the air we inhale within our house is cleaner than that which is present outside. In any case, we are able to control what is happening within our houses. We try our best to keep the air clean by using purifiers and resorting to other cleaning habits.

Nevertheless, irrespective of what we believe, the actual fact is that the air within our homes is quite dirty. This holds true if you think about it. Our homes are a bit more than big boxes where all our belongings are stored, not to mention germs as well. 

Thus it is evident that the air within our homes is many times dirtier as compared to the air outside. We are actually breathing in nothing but polluted air.

2. Your Bedroom's Mattress Is Housing Dustmites

It is a fact that the term “dust mites” is known to most of you. These are actually miniature critters that dwell within our mattress. If it sounds gross to you, that is perhaps because it is. But do you have any idea regarding what is even grosser? It is a fact that the majority of us are spending our nights together with these mites. 

In reality, there will be several mites even in the cleanest of residences out there. On the contrary, those homes that are not maintained properly will have much more of them for sure.

Here, “more” refers to exactly how many? Well, you will come across some residences with several thousands of mites. Feels a little icky doesn't it?

3. Around 20 Million US Citizens Suffer From Dust Mite Allergies

Perhaps the existence of dust mites in your home does not rattle you. However, many people are in fact affected by dust mite allergies, so the fewer you have flying through your air ducts throughout the day, the better chance you have to not be impacted as much by them.

Although you might not be distraught yet, you must be somewhat worried about allergies caused by dust mites. 

As a matter of fact, dust mites feed on dead skin cells for survival. While they do not bite, the skin shed by them together with their feces can lead to allergies in human beings.

So what, right? Maybe you're totally unaffected by dust mites right now.

Alright, but have you thought about your guests? Given that 20 million US citizens struggle with dust mite allergies, it is likely that you might come in contact with someone who is suffering from this condition.

That said, do your guests and family members a solid by taking steps to minimize dust mite infestation in your home via air purifiers and clean vents and air ducts.

4. More Severe Problems Can Be Caused By Untreated Allergies

Although you might not be suffering from dust mite allergies, you might know somebody who is suffering from allergies. In any case, they are quite common.

If you are suffering from allergies, it might appear to you that you can become cured without needing much to fight them. These are actually seasonal, and therefore, you might think that you can endure them for only 2 weeks or so every year.

Because of this sort of thinking, you might even neglect duct cleaning plus other allergy related cleaning activities.

Unfortunately that would be a mistake. It is a fact that allergies that are not treated on time can lead to serious problems. Although they might only start with sneezing problems and stuffy noses, they can lead to more serious conditions like bronchitis and asthma in the long run.

Your allergies will become worse as more dust gathers within your residence, thus enhancing your chances of becoming affected by these conditions. 

5. Pets Can Exacerbate Allergy Symptoms

We all love our pets and they are a part of our family. They shower lots of undeserved affection on us.

And if it is not affection, they at least know who is providing them with food.

Anyhow, your house’s air quality will be degraded significantly when there are pets around in your home. These animals often leave behind dander which is comprised of small pieces of shedded skin. Once that skin enters the air, it settles into the rug, accumulates on ceiling fans, and begins flowing through your home's air ducts.

It is not enough to prevent the pet dander by only maintaining the cleanliness of your house. An air duct cleaning will be imperative and this must be conducted more frequently as compared to those individuals who do not have pets in their residences.

If you fail to do this, there is every possibility of free flowing dander to aggravate your allergies. 

6. New Allergies Can Develop At Any Point During Your Life

We are happy for you if you are not affected by allergies right now. Nevertheless, you might face some difficult times in the future since some folks get allergies all of a sudden at a later stage during their lifetime.

This implies that the dust on your vents and subsequently within your ducts can become a problem all of a sudden as well; and at this point, you will undoubtedly want to clean them regularly in case you become affected by allergies at a later point in your life.

7. Over 50% Of U.S. Citizens Suffer From At Least One Allergy

It might be the fact that you are already suffering from an allergy to one or a few of many allergens. In fact, in excess of 50% of the Americans have at least 1 allergy.

Obviously, you will come across a plethora of things to get allergic to, and one cannot guarantee that you are allergic to pollen secretly or maybe the shed skins of the dust mite. You might also have an allergy to bananas, specific types of pollen or something like that you're currently unaware of. Even just moving into a different area in town could prompt an allergic response to an allergen that's specific to your new area.

8. About 30% Of Adults Currently Suffer From Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

This type of allergy is a common form of rhinitis which is non-infectious by nature and affects approximately 30% of the adults plus 40% kids out there. As many as 57% of the adult patients and 88% children suffering from this ailment have sleep disorders which consist of micro-arousals resulting in daytime fatigue along with reduced cognitive functioning.

To ensure you're best protected from allergies, hire a professional air duct cleaning company to clean, deodorize and sanitize your air ducts. This will ensure that at the very least the allergens in your home aren't continually being pushed through your entire house.

Although you might not like to spend your hard-earned cash and time, if you do so it will surely promote the health of you and your loved ones in your residence to a great extent and make the allergies more bearable in the long run.

With Cool Breeze Air Duct Cleaning, you can be certain we'll finish the job professionally and quickly, allowing you to breathe the fresh, clean air you and your family deserve!

Get a fast free quote on your air duct cleaning by giving us a call today. If you're on a mobile phone, just tap the button below and we'll be happy to help you!

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