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Dryer Vent Cleaning Las Vegas, NV

Avoid Dryer Fires and Protect Your Home For Just $98!

14,360 home fires are caused by clothes dryers each year!

Trust us for the best dryer vent cleaning in Las Vegas & Henderson!

If you're looking for a professional and reliable dryer vent cleaning service in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Enterprise, Spring Valley, or anywhere else in the valley to make sure your dryer vent is as clean as can be, then look no further. We're extremely professional and know exactly how to keep your dryer from creating one of the 14,360 home fires a year that Consumer Reports has confirmed.


Not only do clogged dryer vents cause that many fires, the fires attributed to clothes dryers cause a whopping $255 MILLION in property damage each year, as well as 420 civilian injuries.

Experts recommend you clean out your dryer vent(s) professionally every two years to ensure your dryer isn't using excess energy and drying your clothes effectively. Typical warning signs that your dryer vents need an expert to clean them are:

Here are some major warning signs that you need your vent cleaned ASAP:

- Your clothes are taking too long to dry.

- Your clothes aren't getting fully dried after use.

- Laundry room is warmer and more humid than normal.

- A burnt smell occurs after using your dryer.

- Clothes are becoming consistently hotter after running them through.

- Your dryer feels much hotter to the touch during and after use.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, do not hesitate to call us at 702-583-2601 to schedule your cleaning.

As you know, it can get awfully hot here in Las Vegas, and if you're not getting all of the lint out of your lint trap when doing your laundry, it can lead to a dangerous situation. By having it expertly cleaned, you can also save money on energy and extend the life of your dryer. 


clean dryer vent vegas

Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ's

Q) Isn't my dryer lint trap and dryer vent the same thing?

A) No. By cleaning out your dryer's lint trap consistently you're helping minimize the amount of lint and particles that travel out of the back of your dryer. Inevitably, over time the lint and fibers that have been missed by the lint trap accumulate in your dryer vent. No matter how effective you are at cleaning out your lint trap, the accumulation will happen.

When you call a professional to clean your dryer vent, we come out and take an initial inspection to see if you even need the service. We'll disconnect the dryer hose from the vent, then carefully and completely clean out the vent and replace any filters with fresh new ones, and inspect it closely to see if there are signs of damage. Additionally, we'll check the hose itself for signs of wear and tear, to determine if it needs to be replaced. As long as you've been consistently getting your vents cleaned every 2-3 years, you should be fine and not in need of any replacement parts.

Q) How long does dryer vent cleaning take?

The service is quick, especially if they had been cleaned at appropriate intervals. You should expect your cleaning to take roughly an hour so you won't have to take too much time off from work. We typically have availability same day, next day, or the following day, and also work on weekends to make it more convenient for you.

Q) What areas do you serve?

We handle dryer vent cleaning in all Las Vegas areas including Henderson, Summerlin, Spring Valley, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas. We typically have availability within a day or two, and we work weekends to make it more convenient for you. Give us a call today to avoid home dryer fires!

Q) Do you also clean air ducts?

Yes! We are experts in Las Vegas air duct cleaning, and we currently have a special on duct cleaning for just $4.99 per vent. If you'd like your air ducts cleaned by true professionals, give us a call today for your fast and free air duct cleaning estimate! If you have a business or rental property, we also handle commercial air duct cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned? Call Today!

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What Our Dryer Vent Customers Are Saying

"I needed a dryer vent cleaning and called this company for a service.  The price was great so I figured I would give it a try. The gentleman who answered the phone was courteous and professional.  They were able to work with my property management company and schedule an appointment for the very next day. They did a great job and now the dryer is working much better. I was able to pay over the phone and they sent me a receipt by email. A pleasure to do business with and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an honest professional.  Thank you Shay!!" ~ Liz B. Las Vegas, NV

"I couldn't be more satisfied with the work completed on my HVAC vents and dryer vent.  My vents had never been cleaned before and had quite a bit of dust.  Professional, prompt, and friendly with very fair prices.  I highly recommend to anyone looking for an excellent cleaning." ~ Henry C. Las Vegas, NV

"Shai (pronounced "Shy", just in case U wanna ask for him by name) was great & did a SERIOUS job snaking my dryer vent for excess, leftover, caked-on lint. After he cleaned it out and ran the (electric) dryer, it got considerably hotter much quicker. You could definitely  sense a difference.

He's very professional and friendly and I would totally recommend him to anyone. He went above and beyond even going so far as to check my other vents & mk recommendations on the cleaning of those vents and offered a recommendation for the changing of my filters, since I had just moved in to this rental (that was built in 1985)." ~ Jackie T. Las Vegas, NV

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