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21 Money Saving Tips for Homeowners (Part II)


Here's round two of our money saving tips for homeowners. Take notes because they'll all add up to big savings over the course of a year and multiple years.


8. Replace Your Air Filters

Just like your lungs, the cleaner they are the more easily we can breathe. So is your HVAC system- the
cleaner it is, the easier it is for your HVAC system to circulate air around your home.

You want to make sure that you are changing out your air filter systems every month or every three months
depending on the HVAC system and air filter type you have installed. This is because over time the air
filters get clogged and dirty. What this does to the filter is that it forces your AC unit to work harder to push
the air through that clogged and dirty filter.

There is something called a MERV rating, and you want to check with a licensed HVAC professional to
make sure that the MERV rating on your filter is correct. If the MERV rating is too high, and your AC unit
is not the type to handle it, then it can cause a strain on the unit.

So, pay close attention to that, and you might also want to ask people at the home store about that as well.
However, your licensed HVAC professional will have the best idea. Changing out the filters will save you
about 15% of your annual HVAC bill.

9. Clean Your Air Vents

When it comes to cleaning your air vents, what you specifically want to look at any obstructions or dust
bunnies that might be hanging out there.

Getting rid of these dust bunnies and obstructions doesn't only keep air circulating in your home and money
in your bank account, but it also keeps your allergies in check. 

If your air vents aren't regularly cleaned every few months, much of the dust, allergens and other particulate matter will become lodged in your air ducts. This can cause an increased strain on your ac unit, so it's important to get a thorough air duct cleaning every few years, especially if you have family members that have allergies, asthma or sensitivity to mold and allergens.


Animals can also create a buildup of hair that can be sucked in to your air vents and ducts. Call us today if you'd like to have your air vents and air ducts cleaned by a true professional.


10. Air Dry Your Laundry

Maybe air drying your laundry may not be the thing for you, but if you do it, you can expect to save about
$85 to $260 yearly off of your energy use, depending on your family size. The bigger your family the more
you will be able to save.

This is also another way to give your dryer a break. You could make a clothesline and put your clothes on
them especially in the summer to help you save some money.

Another way to save money on your electricity bill when it comes to laundry is have your dryer vents cleaned every couple of years. The dryer vent is NOT the lint trap by the way. The dryer vent can be found at the back of the dryer and catches all of the lint and fibers that the dryer lint trap does not catch. When this gets clogged over the years, it can place tremendous strain on your dryer, causing it to overheat. It's responsible for countless, unnecessary home fires and property damage from those fires. 

You may think you're doing a great job at ensuring the lint trap is cleaned out after every drying session, but many don't realize that the dryer vents can get clogged regardless of your well maintained lint trap. For a professional dryer vent cleaning in Las Vegas, give us a call today to make sure you're not at risk for a disastrous home fire due to clogged vents.

We only charge $89 for this service and we'll also perform a free air duct and vent inspection to make sure you're not using more energy than you should be.


11. Marking out Cracks

This is for those who have basements at their home. So, what you want to do is to go into your basement,
and take a look for any cracks that might be on the walls or on the foundation of the basement.
Get a roll of masking tape, and write down today's date and put it on one side of the crack, and put another
on the other side of the crack. What you're going to do is to come back in about three to six months, and see
if that crack is getting bigger.

If the crack is getting bigger, then it indicates that you must call a specialist out there to get that fixed before
it becomes a major issue to your house's foundation.

Taking such a preventative step with home maintenance will save you a lot of money by handling it now as
supposed to handling it in the future or when it becomes a major issue.


12. Get Yourself Some LED or CFL Light

The reasons why you want to get your home LED or a CFL bulb is;

- They are bright and more energy efficient
- They emit less heat as compared to incandescent light.

Incandescent light uses about 10% to 15% of the electric power it consumes to produce the light. So, the
remaining 90% to 85% is emitted as heat. Therefore wasting your electricity. Whereas LED, on the other
hand, uses energy more efficiently.

However, these require a little bit of investment upfront, so, you want to consider the rooms that you keep
the lights on the most, and adding either an LED or a CFL bulb in those areas first.

So just by doing this, you can save yourself some cash, have a cooler room, therefore, making your HVAC
work less.


13. Check Your Plumbing

You want to check the plumbing specifically around your toilet, faucets and under the sink. What you're
looking for here is any drip or leak. Identifying any form of leaks and repairing these leaks, prevents any
water from leaking out of the pipes which could cause damage to your house.

One common thing in most houses is that, with time, that slow drip from the faucet or slow-running water
into the toilet equates to a gallon of water or more. This is just the same way as flushing water and also 
flushing money down the drain.

So, why do you not take a closer look at it, and make sure that you have no leaking pipes in your house?
Putting a stop to these leaks will put a stop to cash leaving your pocket.


14. Use Energy Rated Appliances

Installing such appliances will save you a lot of money with your monthly utility bills. This is because they
consume less power and are much efficient. Just like the LED bulbs, it will cost a bit of money at first but
consider the saving you will make on your monthly electric bills after a year or two of using these energy efficient appliances. 

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