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21 Money Saving Tips for Homeowners (Part III)


Here is the third and final installment of money saving tips for homeowners in Las Vegas. If you act on all of these tips you'll save some serious money to help you pay off your home faster. 


15. The Thrill of the Grill

During the summer, you want the thrill of the grill! The more often you cook outside using your grill, or
using a crockpot during the summer, the less you are going to heat your home with an oven or a stove.

So besides being outside and enjoying nature as you grill, you are also saving energy and some cash. Your ac unit and energy bill will thank you for not putting too much strain on your ac unit by increasing the temperaturE, especially during the hot Summer months we're all used to in Las Vegas.


16. Planting Shade Trees Near Your House

Shade trees such as deciduous trees can go a long way to save you some cash. Deciduous trees are those
trees that have their leaves falling off during the winter and growing back during the summer.
How does it help you save money?

Well, during the summer, the leaves of these trees block out the sunny areas of getting sun rays into your
house. As it reduces the sun rays from getting into your house, your HVAC system also becomes more
efficient by helping your house cool down through a natural method.

Besides preventing your house from heating up, these trees make your home look more beautiful.
Also during the winter when the leaves drop, it allows for the sun rays to get into your house to heat your
house which also reduces the workload of your HVAC system.


17. Have Childproof Outlets

The reason why you need a childproof outlet even if you do not have kids is that, if you consider that little
receptacle that you see in your electrical outlet, most at times it isn't insulated.

If your house was built before 2000 there may be no socket insulation around your electrical outlet. So, what
happens is that it is only the socket and the exterior of the wall is exposed, which means that there could be a
draught that comes through that.

So, the childproof outlet will block the air coming through the actual outlet itself. Doing this will save you
up to 2% percent off of your annual HVAC bills.

You could also use socket sealers to do it which is a whole different type of unit. 


18. Change Your House Locks

If you're wondering how changing locks saves you some money, here is how. Think about this for a second:
How many people had the keys to the house you live in now? It can be a little disturbing and unsettling
unless you have already had your locks changed.

When you change the locks of your house, you're denying access to your house from anyone that might
potentially have a key, whether it was a nanny, a maid, or a landscaper, a workman or any other person close
to the previous owners.

So, when you change your locks, you can have peace of mind knowing that you did one more thing to keep
your house secure, which is far better than being burglarized.


19. Seal Your Home Airtight

What I want you to do is to go around your house, and take a look at any areas that you can feel a cool or hot
breeze depending on the season.

Some common areas you might want to check are the windows, and also around the doors. If you feel the
breeze coming in from any of these areas, then what you want to do is to go to the home store and get some
weather stripping. Add the weather stripping to wherever you felt the draught around the window or door.
This will help keep the temperature inside as opposed to heating and cooling mother nature.

Another place where you want to check for draughts are cracks in your house. Cracks are pretty easy to fix
in your home with some caulk. By just painting right over the caulk that you put into the crack.

This helps keeps the regulation of the temperature inside your house easy, therefore saving you some cost on

20. Check Your Duct Work

Ensure that there are no holes in your ductwork. If you get up into your attic or your crawlspace, and you
notice that there is an area in your ductwork that doesn't have dust on it- then it is probably an indication that
there may be an air leak there.

If you're losing the efficiency of your air conditioner into your attic, then you might want to fix it. Doing this
can save you up to 3 to 10% a year. So, therefore, you must check your ducts.

We've been professionals in the industry for a very long time and can attest to the savings homeowners recover by having sparkling clean ducts and free flowing vents. Call us today for an air duct cleaning to ensure your ducts are as clean as possible. 

Not only will less particulate matter and allergens be recirculated into the air you breathe, you'll save a significant amount of money on your energy bill. Call today and we'll throw in a free dryer vent inspection and ceiling fan cleaning!

We also offer dryer vent cleaning for just $89 per dryer, so if you haven't maintained your air vents, ducts, or dryer vent for more than two to three years, it's about time to clean them all out and let the energy savings begin!


21. Explore Your Tax Benefits and Other Incentives

You can simply go on to Google, and type in "what are the tax savings for homeowners in Los Angeles for
energy-efficient upgrades". This might be a long-tail keyword, but here is the deal: doing a Google search on
this will give you a wide variety of results that inform you about options that might be available for you. Or
even the tax benefits that you might be able to get or incentivize programs to make your home more energy efficient.
Doing this is not only good for the environment but also good for you. 


So a quick review on the tips to help you save money as a homeowner:

- Take a Look at Your Attic Insulation
- Automate Your Thermostat
- Cool Down your water heater
- Give your AC some breathing space
- Install ceiling fans in your rooms
- Reduce the Exposure of Your House From the Sun
- Insulate Exposed Pipes
- Clean and Replace Air Filters
- Clean Air Vents
- Dry Air Your Laundry
- Marking Out Cracks
- Using Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
- Check Your Plumbing
- Use Energy Rated Appliances
- The Thrill of the Grill
- Planting Trees
- Having Childproof Outlets
- Change Your House Locks
- Sealing Your House Airtight
- Check Your Ductwork


- Explore Your Tax Benefits and Other Incentives


I hope these tips were helpful. If you liked these tips kindly give this post a like, and share it with your
friends and family who might find it beneficial. Also, do not forget to comment with your thoughts.

Have a great day, now get out there and start saving yourself some money!

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