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Air Filter

Understanding The Different Types of Air Filters

With the shift of our climate and other environmental changes affecting our atmosphere, the use of HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) has increased for the past few years. You are probably using one and have units installed in your homes right now.


But in case you're someone who needs to repair, install, or want to know more about the different air duct filters found in HVACs, then here are the different types of filters commonly used in HVACs.

Certain brands have unique parts installed that may not apply to the different kinds of air duct filters explained here. To know more about your specific unit, we recommend that you check your user manual or contact the main office that supplies the units your HVAC is sporting.


With that said, let's go over in detail the different types of air duct filters.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA)

HEPA filters are designed so that harmful allergens and dust particles don't pass through the screens of your HVAC. It is said to trap 99.97% of particles and deadly deterrents that can disrupt the airflow in your room, airflow that would otherwise be unbreathable if the unit is not maintained correctly.

You'll be noticing a trend where the word "maintenance" keeps getting mentioned. That's because it's always important to note how HVACs and the air duct filters are cleaned. After all, some require unique methods in maintaining them relative to the others.

At that juncture, HEPA filters are straightforward to clean, albeit you must be careful not to leave any grime and dirt on the filters because the screens are tiny due to their effectiveness at blocking different contaminants.

Washable Air Duct Filters

The standard filters you see on this list are either disposable or semi-disposable. Due to the nature of their particle blocking features, it's almost impossible to clean them entirely without seeing the results of the cleaned filter.


That is why the Washable Air Filters are for those who want to conserve plastic and materials and go for a long-term commitment with air duct filters.


Washable Air Filters are, what the name implies, washable. They are machine washable and are efficient in doing their job.

Electrostatic Air Filters

Electrostatic Air Filters use static energy to attract dust and other particles from moving around your air space. Instead of screens, it uses technology to suck dust and grime away from your field of breath. It's important to note that these are reusable and washable, but be cautious about washing them.


You shouldn't apply too many chemicals for the filters to still function and have a long life in your house. These are more expensive but are very efficient at preventing your room from being too dusty.

If you hire us for a Las Vegas air duct cleaning, we'll be happy to offer electrostatic filters if you would like to try them. They can be finicky, but if you want to save money and can stay on schedule, electrostatic filters are likely the way to go.

Ultraviolet Air Duct Filters

The UV filters are great at killing tiny bacteria and microorganisms that are harmful to your health. It uses Ultraviolet rays and is good at avoiding different diseases that would otherwise be prevalent in many homes without it.


The biggest issue with UV filters is that it isn't quite good at blocking dust particles because it has to share a room with the UV lights, but this filter is excellent at what it does in terms of versatility.

Fiberglass Air Duct Filters

Fiberglass filters are the most inferior types of filters in this list. They are disposable and don't control the dust particles that are navigating around your room's space.


Fiberglass filters act more as an encasing to your HVAC than a prevention mechanism for dust and bacteria. They are cheap and accessible, and almost all HVAC has them installed.

Pleated Air Duct Filters

Pleated filters are made of cotton folds or polyester material that filters dust by sticking them in. Similar to how a regular fabric is good at attracting dust if left somewhere, the pleated filters absorb dust through the air docks of the HVAC and leave the bigger chunks of dust or grime behind the filters.


It's available everywhere and is expected in the average household. Though they are effective at what they do, the filter still couldn't catch the smallest particles and specks of dust in the room.

You shouldn't apply too many chemicals for the filters to still function and have a long life in your house. These are more expensive but are very efficient at preventing your room from being too dusty.

Depending on which type of air filters you settle on, the maintenance or replacement schedule can vary. If you go for disposable filters, be sure to read our other article about how often they should be replaced to maximize the life of your filters and the health of your family.

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