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spring cleaning tips for homeowners

Las Vegas Spring Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

The spring is time of the year that symbolizes renewal and fresh chapters. That's why it's the ideal time to deep clean the interior of your home.


If you're frustrated and have no clue where to begin in the residential spring cleaning department, then these realistic and practical suggestions may help your cause considerably.

Recruit Family Members

The spring isn't just a season that's about newness. It's also about fun. That's precisely why you should ask your family members to join you in handling the cleaning tasks. It'll speed up the process significantly, too.


If your loved ones from upon the idea of getting their hands dirty, you can make things more enjoyable by playing upbeat tunes. Try to make a game out of things by seeing who can clean the most thoroughly as well.

Swap Out Your Sheets & Pillowcases

Springtime allergies can be a pain. If you're interested in effective spring cleaning for allergies, then you should switch out your sheets and pillowcases, pronto. Note that it isn't uncommon for allergens and pollen to amass on hair, apparel and elsewhere.


That's precisely the reason that frequent sheet and pillowcase washing sessions can help you combat undesirable allergy symptoms such as sneezing and itchiness. Some people live in fear of dust mites and how they impact their allergies as well. If you're in that category, then you should conceal your pillows using covers that are reliably allergy-proof. 

Focus On Your Carpets

It's no secret to anyone that home carpeting can be a paradise for allergens. Thankfully, you can take care of excessive carpet allergen buildup by exhaustively vacuuming.


You can keep your carpet's allergen levels in check for the spring and beyond by vacuuming once per week or so. Doing so can reduce pet dander and dust mites substantially

Take A New Approach To Cleaning

Don't forget that the springtime is all about personal improvement. That's the reason it may help you to overhaul the way you think about home cleaning in the first place. Don't ever let messes in your living space get out of hand. Tell yourself that you'll do a small amount of cleaning each night right before going to bed.


Cleaning for just five minutes can make it so that you never have to deal with cleaning work that's particularly extensive. Remove pieces of clutter from your countertops. Dust the tops of your furnishings. Throw out any pieces of trash that may be lingering on the floor or elsewhere.

Grab A Basic Cloth

It's crucial to put a lot of time into meticulously cleaning the tops of furniture pieces, countertops and beyond. You can manage these surfaces with the assistance of a lightly moist cloth.


Refrain from trying out really dry cloths. That's because they may be able to encourage the presence of irritating dust mites. The same thing applies to feather dusters.

Keep Four Legged Friends Out Of The Bedroom

Dogs and cats are some of the most irresistibly sweet creatures in the world. The harsh truth, however, is that pet dander can wreak havoc onto your allergic symptoms each spring.


If you're committed to protecting yourself from miserable sneezing, runny nose and itching episodes, then you should refrain from allowing your pooch or your kitty inside of your bedroom. 

Search High & Low For Hidden Leaks

Residential water leaks can be pretty insidious. Failing to catch and take care of them rapidly can lead to all sorts of consequences. Water stains and mold development are a couple of annoying examples.


You should take the time to search your home for any dripping pipes. Look in the back of the toilet and below your sink. Repair any leaks before they're able to intensify.

Make Fresh Indoor Air a Priority

It can be nice to enjoy a spring season that's all about pure and fresh air indoors. You should strive to switch out your air filters frequently. Do so no less than twice per year. Purchasing an air filter that has a MERV rating of 11 can work like a charm. Filters with 12 ratings can be just as effective.

Also it's important to make sure you are giving your air ducts a thorough cleaning at least every two years. Las Vegas and Henderson, NV are notorious for our wind and dust in the Spring, so hire us for a proper air duct cleaning every two years to get your family the best air quality possible.

Follow these tips for a sparkling Las Vegas home this year!

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