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How Often Should Your Dryer Vents Be Cleaned?

If the dryer vent ducts become clogged when there is too much lint it, finds its way into the heating element, and this is enough fuel to start a dangerous fire. If you use your dryer more than a couple times per week, it's recommended to have it cleaned professionally at least once per year.

Here is some more information about how and when to have your dryer vents cleaned. If you're unsure about doing it yourself, or you feel it might be dangerously full of lint, call our Las Vegas dryer vent cleaning professionals to help you avoid a disaster.

Cleaning Dryer Vents Yourself

When the vent becomes blocked or clogged, the airflow through the dryer will cease to be effective, as it can't move for lint and that is when it can catch fire. As long as you maintain a strict schedule of cleaning out your lint filter, you should only need a professional cleaning once every two years. If you've made the mistake of not emptying your lint filter EVERY time you use the dryer, and don't want to pay the low price of $89, here is a way to clean them yourself.

1. First, disconnect the power supply to avoid electrocution.
2. Remove the vent clamp from the dryer.
3. Clear the ducts, vacuum them out to get rid of the lint. Wear rubber gloves to avoid sharp bits.
5. Vacuum around vent cover.
6. Wash the lint screen
7. Clean the dusty area behind the dryer.
8. Put everything back in place.
9. If your dryer vent is in the garden check the opening as there could be something in there like a plant.
9. Run your dryer empty, to rid it of any loose debris, then wipe it out.
10.Your dryer vent will require regular cleaning

The National Fire Protection Agency, better known as the NFPA, states that you should clean or get your dryer vent ducts cleaned once a year. Once your dryer is not performing properly, it's urgent you hire a professional. Unfortunately, you will often hear stories about dryer fires as they are the most common form of fire at home.


Always keep a fire extinguisher at home, the right sort for a dryer fire, or maybe a fire blanket as well just in case. With your dryer, the main thing is to make sure that the airflow is alright, as, without the air, the mechanisms of the drying component will catch fire.

The technicians say to never overload your dryer and only to have it at 75% full to give the items room to tumble around and dry. The dryer does use quite a lot of electricity so when the weather is fine, give the dryer a rest and if possible put the washing outside in the sun.

Don't Throw Cheap Towels In The Dryer At First

Many of the cheaper towel products give off a huge amount of lint, and the first couple of times that you wash them, don't put them in the dryer.


Either hang them outside or hang them in the laundry room, after about the third time they will settle down and not shed so much. Good quality towels are usually not a problem and can go straight in the dryer.

Some Important Signs Your Dryer Vents Need Cleaning By A Professional

There a number of signs that show your dryer is dangerously close to starting a fire that will put your entire family at risk, including:

  • Your dryer is not drying properly.

  • It tend to overheat the laundry room after a cycle

  • You smell a burning aroma when the dryer is un use.

  • The filter needs replacing or give it a good washing with soapy water.

If any of these signs appear, call a professional immediately to keep your family safe!

Cleaning The Drum of Your Dryer

While you are cleaning your dryer vent ducts, clean the drum as well. Mostly it will be clean, but there could be some lint or pet hair lodged in there. Sometimes a coin will fall into the dryer or worse still chewing gum, so it is important to check the drum for debris. It is better not to leave the door open when the dryer is not in use, as cats will often crawl in there because it is a warm place to sleep.

When To Call Maintenance

If anything appears to be electrically wrong with your dryer, and it is failing to blow air you must call an electrician or the dryer company as if it has a fault, you can't fix it and it will render the dryer unsafe. It is usually under warranty for the first 12 months. 

Safe Dryer Tips

  • Give your dryer vent ducts a quick clean every month to avoid clogging.

  • Vacuum around ducting using the couch crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner to get the lint out.

  • Replace your dryer every 8-10 years if it gets a lot of work it may have had its life.

  • Use a blower to blow the lint out quickly.


It is dangerous to be in a position where a fire can start, so prevention is the best policy by keeping your dryer vent ducts as clean as possible. Always contact a professional when you see warning signs and maintain a strict "every cycle" lint trap cleaning schedule to avoid danger.

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