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Tips For Keeping Your Las Vegas Home Cool All Summer

We all know the summer heat can reach triple digits in Las Vegas, so keeping your home cool while striving to keep the bill low is important. These tips can help you stay comfortable inside your home. A combination of such changes can give you the outcome you desire! 

1. Get An Annual Inspection

Don't wait until your cooling system has issues or stops working to inspect it! Hire a professional to inspect it annually. They can identify any issues or concerns. They can change parts and keep it operating as it should.


Contact them a month or two before summer so their schedule isn't full. Waiting a few days for them when the heat is full force will make you miserable!

2. Upgrade Your System To An Energy Efficient One

Older cooling systems will struggle to keep up due to the heat in Las Vegas. They can be noisy and expensive to operate. It may be time to upgrade to an energy-efficient system.


If yours is older, has had repair concerns before, or the bill is expensive, consult with a professional to look at options. An updated energy-efficient cooling system will pay for itself over time!

3. Utilize Auto Settings On Your Thermostat

Set the controls on your cooling system to turn on at a certain temperature. This prevents your system from working so hard. If it is extremely hot in the home, it will have to work harder to cool it down. If it kicks back on when the temperature reaches a certain level, it is easier for the system to cool your home to that desired temperature.

4. Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Shut

It can be hard to do, closing the blinds and curtains during the day! You may love the sunlight coming in. However, this also brings more heat into the home, making it harder to keep it cool.


Look for those with a white backing as they will reflect more of the sunlight away from your home. 

If you like the openness of the windows, consider solar sun screens for them. They should be professionally installed for the ideal look and fit. There is also window film tint that can be applied.


There are do it yourself kits, but make sure you get all the bubbles out of it as you apply the film. Otherwise, it will be an eyesore in your home. 

5. Invest In Energy Efficient Lighting

Try to keep the lights off in your home during the day as much as possible. The lights can cause more heat inside the house. If you must have lights on, change them to LEDs.


They do cost a bit more than traditional bulbs, but they always remain cool. LEDs can be on for hours at a time and be cool enough to touch with your fingers. LEDs also use less electricity and they last for hundreds of hours.

6. Plan Your Meals Better

The oven will generate plenty of heat in your home, causing the temperature to rise by several degrees. Avoid using your oven during the heat of summer in Las Vegas as much as you can. If you need to prepare a meal with it, cook it later at night for the next day.


You can also cook dinners early in the morning before it gets hot, then simply microwave when you're ready to eat.

Bypass the stove completely by using an air fryer or crockpot in your home. Make a delicious salad or sandwiches and fruit. A BBQ grill can be a wonderful solution for great tasting food without heating up the house.

7. Use More Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans in your bedrooms and living room. This will keep the home cooler so you don't have to rely on your air conditioning system as much. They don't use too much electricity either.


For nighttime, consider those with a timer so they will shut off rather than running all night long. Fans in the bathrooms can help eliminate heat after showers too.

8. Go Solar

Investing in solar energy can be the way to go! Not only is this great for the environment, but it will also help you slash those electric bills associated with cooling your home.


Solar energy allows cells to collect energy and convert it into electricity. If you produce enough energy each month, you won't have a bill to pay to your local utility company at all.

Evaluate All Your Options

The summer heat in Las Vegas can be unbearable! The temperatures are still warm through the night, causing your cooling system to work for long periods of time.


Evaluate your options to make your home as efficient as possible. These tips can help you stay cooler despite those scorching temperatures in the desert!

Many of the aforementioned tips will help keep you cooler while also saving big money on your cooling bill. An added tip is to ensure your dryer is operating at peak efficiency. Over the years dryer lint gets trapped in the dryer vent ducts and can cause a lot of unnecessary energy usage. 

Call us today for a proper dryer vent cleaning service to maximize your units efficiency and avoid a potentially life threatening dryer fire.

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