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Clogged connector pipe

Can Dryer Lint Be Dangerous? 

No one would expect it but some things that seem harmless could be a big danger risk. Unfortunately, many house fires have been caused by the vents on a normal dryer. That vent is essential for pushing the hot air outside. The majority of people will not give any thought to the vent on a dryer. These same people also don't understand what is going on when it takes longer than normal to dry a normal laundry load.


Unforeseen Hazards From Dryer Lint


What would prevent most fires from happening is taking notice when a dryer doesn't dry a load of laundry the first time. If the load is heavier then normal, that could be the explanation itself. But what if a load of normal size is still wet after one cycle in the drier?


When the vent is clogged in some way, dryer lint doesn't get pushed outside like it's supposed to. As time goes on, the lint that was supposed to be pushed outside will stay in the dryer and get to the heat source.


Dryer lint is not something that you want getting close to an open flame or a red heating element. That lint is flammable and will use any air that happens to be in the vent to become bigger. After the heat comes in contact with the lint and the fire has started, that fire will go through the vent sucking up more air and lint that was pushed to the outside to make a bigger fire.


The path of a vent will usually go through walls and the ceiling before it ends outside. A fire caused by dryer lint can not only set the house on fire but also burn through vents that aren't made of metal. If that is not enough damage to cause concern, then the dryer gets wrecked inside from the fire and will have to be replaced because it will be impossible to repair.


The Difference Between Distance and Effectiveness


People who install vents don't know as much as they should about venting and that's when bigger problems happen. The problems installers cause is greater than the problems installers are trying to avoid from happening. It states in the International Residential Code that 25 feet is the maximum length for a dryer vent if the vent has a straight path from beginning to end.


This maximum length is shorter if there are 90 degree turns or bends because then the maximum for those vent lengths should have feet subtracted for each turn from the maximum for a vent going straight.


The longer a vent is, the less effective the vent will be. How effective your dryer also depends on the motor. For the best effectiveness, it is recommended that the vent be as short as possible and not have any bends or turns if also possible.


Does dryer lint cause a bigger problem than people realize? Is that harm a possible danger? The answer to both of those questions happens to be yes. Regular dryer vent cleanings every couple of years and dryer safety are more vital than many people would think.

Call us today for a thorough dryer vent cleaning in Las Vegas or Henderson today and put your mind at ease!

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