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How To Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

Las Vegas, NV is notorious for cold Winters, so your furnace has to be at its best before winter comes. If it is running properly, it leaves your home safe, and it reduces your utility bills significantly. It would be unfortunate if you tried to switch on the HVAC system only to find that it is not operational, and it's already Winter.


Many elements affect your furnace during the warmer seasons. To keep your family warm and to save some cash on utility bills during the winter, be sure to prepare your furnace appropriately. 


Here's how to do it:

Clean the Furnace Room

Typically, the furnace room is usually the storage room, mostly during the warmer months when you are not utilizing it. In many houses, the furnace is generally hidden under multiple objects and covered with dust, and the room is usually very disorganized. 


It is necessary to move all the objects placed near or on top of the furnace and clean the whole room meticulously. Remember to vacuum the furnace's exterior surface to get rid of cobwebs, dust, and debris. Be sure to check all the pilot lights and leave the furnace completely visible. 

Check The Intake Pipe

Advanced condensing furnaces produce more heat with reduced fuel, thus making them more energy efficient. To function correctly, they need an air supply, and this is the intake pipe's sole purpose.


If this intake pipe is blocked or clogged, it not only negatively affects your furnace's efficacy but also results in a harmful accumulation of carbon monoxide. 


If your furnace is modern, look for the exhaust and intake pipes on your home's exterior. Ensure they are clear of insects, dust, snow, bird nests, and ice. In case you cannot check it, call a professional to do it to avoid any issues. 

Check The Igniter Switch

If you own an older furnace, you will require reviving the pilot. However, the modern furnaces feature electronic igniters. If it is not functioning, try pushing the reset button. In case it does not work, take a look at the breaker. If it is still not running, you need to call a professional to check and fix it.  

Lubricate The Bearings

The older furnaces feature bearings, which are found in the moving parts. It is necessary to lubricate these parts as often as possible. If you forget to oil them, the bearing begins to wear out, resulting in your furnace not running as it should.


Also, it might lead to additional repairs, which will incur more expenses. 


To lubricate the bearings, you have to locate the oil caps situated on top of the bearing shaft. Then take away the caps and oil the bearings. On the other hand, you should avoid over lubricating the bearings since that can form a fire hazard and result in more losses. 

Switch On The Thermostat

Change the thermostat from cooling to heating, and set the temperature. If you don't feel the temperature change after some time, remove the cover and check to see if the cable connections are okay.


If there is an issue with the connections, switch on the power source of the HVAC system. In case it is still not running, check the blower, furnace, or heat pump, though if you don't feel comfortable checking it, you should have a professional do it. 

Consider A Smart Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can regulate your energy savings by corresponding your HVAC's cooling and heating output to your house's demands. If you are not in the house during the day, the system will run less frequently since no one is utilizing it. 

Check Your Furnace Frequently

An experienced HVAC technician works on the system's significant issues, but it is not necessary to have him handle the preventive maintenance as well. Before checking your furnace, make sure you switch off the power source and wait till the blower stops. After this, you can soundcheck by switching it on and listening for any strange sounds. Additionally, you can check for signs of rust accumulation or moisture on the pipes, resulting in inefficiency. 


Don't wait until winter comes to check your furnace to see if it's working properly. It is best to be prepared before the cold season. It does not consume much of your time, and if there are serious issues, it is best to have them fixed before winter.


It's also important to ensure your Las Vegas and Henderson air ducts are cleaned to maximize your furnace's efficiency all Winter long. Give us a call today for a free duct cleaning quote by professionals that care.

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