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How Are Air Ducts Cleaned and Why You Need a Professional

We spend most of our time at home, and with the current health crisis, people are required to stay indoors. Most of the jobs are done via work from the home system; students are also in the new mode of learning requiring them to stay at home. Since most of us stay at home it is a must to have a clean and safe home set-up and that includes the air we breathe.


The air at home must be at all times be pure and clean. To stay warm or cooled homes have the air ducts system that distributed heated or cooled air, with the system and its function most of the time the air ducts are one of the dustiest parts of our homes.


The air duct or the entire HVAC System must be cleaned if you noticed substantial visible mold, the ducts are infested with dust and a heavy build-up of dirt, the duct vents are clogged or no air is being released, and the last thing but certainly most important is if your family is having difficulty in breathing due to the air ducts.


If the conditions exist you should consider calling for professional help for your Vegas duct cleaning. Here are the intricate processes of how the air ducts are being cleaned and why it is a must to leave it to the professional.

1) Pre-inspection

 The tubes of the ducts are intricate in nature and must be inspected first with various imaging tools such as cameras, vacuum pumps, wrenches, and multi-meter to visuals the build-up and condition of the inside tubes. After being inspected, it will be assessed what is the technique to be applied for the best result.


It is important to note that the air ducts must be properly inspected first before anything cleaning will be done. Aside from the best cleaning technique to be applied, there are some instances that issues of your air duct might not be caused by dirt, pollutants, and heavy-build up. It is sometimes caused by damage to some components that need an immediate repair.

2) Pre-cleaning: Creating Negative Pressure

Once the assessment has been done, the HVAC professional will start in the pre-cleaning stage where a special vacuum (that is why it must be done by a professional) is used to create negative pressure-grabbing floating debris inside the tubes.


In creating negative pressure, the technician will attach the hose to the duct, it must be properly attached, no air should go and out where the hose and duct are attached. The next step is to seal all the registers in different rooms with an adhesive cover.


Take note that there must be no hole or register left uncovered because the process will be ineffective.

3) Debris Removal

The pre-cleaning stage is not enough to generally clean the entire air ducts, the ducts are to be clean one by one.


For most of the do-it-yourself cleaning, we ought to think that a quick burst of a compressor from the main tube along with a spritz of disinfectant or any cleaning agents will surely clean and removed the built-up inside the air ducts.


Trained technicians use different cleaning tools such as rotating brushes to reach out to heavy build-up and air compressor tools and to ensure that the dirt particles and be suck by the vacuum.

4) Cleaning Other Parts of the Air Duct System

The whole air duct is a system that has parts that must also be included in the cleaning process, such as the air handler's blower motor, which has an intricate motor and electric parts, evaporator coil, drain pan, grills and air plenum.


Cleaning the other parts of the air duct system will improve the quality of air as well as boost the functioning capacity of the air duct.


Research suggests that cleaning all components of the air ducts may improve the efficiency of the systems. On the contrary, there is little to no evidence that cleaning only the ducts will improve the system.

You may consider cleaning your air ducts, logically filthy parts of homes should be cleaned at all times especially those that might cause detrimental problems. A professional against do-it-yourself cleaning has a great amount of difference because these experts know what to do, how to assess, what is the best technique for the best possible result, and also what type of products to be used.


According to if you decided to have your air ducts get cleaned, try to assess the cleaning service provider's competence and expertise.

Give us a call today to get your entire system cleaned by professionals that have been in business for over 30 years!

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