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How to Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Reputable air duct cleaning companies pride themselves on their certified professionals and industry-grade equipment to address cleaning concerns of residential and commercial air ducts.


Typical schemes for air duct cleaning scams include either offering a low-price deal with poor service or selling additional services that pushes homeowners to pay more money than originally planned.


These days make it hard to tell whether the offer is real or not. The good thing is that you can identify duct cleaning scams by researching and looking out for the red flags.


Here is what to look out for and how to avoid duct cleaning scams to educate you on what to do as a homeowner next time you're looking for a Las Vegas air duct cleaning professional:

Avoid Blow-and-Go Service

It's not uncommon for scam air duct cleaning companies to offer a "blow-and-go" service. " Blow-and-go services are duct cleaning that is scheduled and completed on the same day.


The problem with this is that the cleaning company does not thoroughly inspect the air duct and may only clean what they can see at an instant, overlooking areas where harmful contaminants accumulate. This duct cleaning scam will not give value to your money and will negatively affect the air quality of your home. 

Just Say No To Bait & Switch

Bait-and-switch is one of the many common duct cleaning scams. Here, the company will call your phone, offering a great deal without personally inspecting your air duct. The company will arrive at your home and complete the least amount of work in your air duct.


They will then notify you that further work is needed and upgrades and additional fees are necessary to execute the job. Just make sure they show you proof of the need to perform more work before simply agreeing. It is likely that more work would be needed if you have pets or smokers in your home, or your home's air ducts haven't been cleaned in more than 4-5 years.

Get The Full Service

In order to avoid "blow-and-go" services and "bait-and-switch" gimmicks, go for duct cleaning companies that offer a complete visual inspection of your HVAC and ductwork. The first red flag of duct cleaning scams is offering an upfront flat rate without inspection of your air duct.


It doesn't make sense for a cleaning company to charge the same rate for all houses because each differs in size and circumstances.


Insist an assessment of the unit and written estimates before paying for the cleaning service. Reputable air duct cleaning companies provide free inspection and estimates.

Always Check Their Certifications

Reputable air duct cleaning companies readily supply legitimate credentials. The cleaning company should have a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certification.


This certification ensures that the company performs to the highest standards. Don't fall for duct cleaning scams that tell you they are EPA certified because EPA does not certify duct cleaners. 

Don't Get Fooled on The Fake Mold Test

Duct cleaning scams sometimes involve fake mold tests. Scam cleaning companies send out 'specialists' who effortlessly find mold in the duct, even if they are not present, and the sudden finding will require you to pay additional fees and extra charges to clean the supposed mold area.


It is wise to hire a licensed mold inspector before beginning the cleaning process to check if molds indeed flourish in the ducts.

Cleaning Process Takes Longer Than An Hour

Sketchy air duct cleaning companies often entice people by saying they can clean air ducts in under an hour. Quality air duct cleaning takes a few hours to complete to guarantee that every part and every aspect of it is well taken care of.

Say No To Door-to-Door Contractors

Beware of contractors that knock on your door and claim that he is just walking around the neighborhood. Well-established air duct cleaning companies reach their clients and prospects through advertisement and referrals. Going door-to-door in search of clients is a definite indicator of an air duct cleaning scam.

Check Reviews & Get References

Check reviews for each air duct cleaning company near you to pinpoint legitimate service providers, and learn more about their quality of service and customer satisfaction. Make sure the reviews don't look fake by seeeing if theey have only 5 stars or if there is a mix of reviews.


The simplest way to protect yourself and your wallet against such air duct cleaning scams is to educate yourself. Do your research diligently to be certain that the expert you're dealing with is, in fact, a professional.


Cleaning professionals come with skills and industry-standard tools powerful enough to clean air ducts of homes and businesses and to guarantee that every nook and cranny of the air duct is neat as pin.

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