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How to "Upcycle" Dryer Lint

Dryer lint, tiny pieces of fabric formed after washing and drying your clothes. When clothes are washed the machine pulls out dirt as well as lint, which stays attached to your clothes until it goes through the dryer. The friction in the dryer creates a static that pulls lint from clothing. The lint is then stored inside the dryer's lint trap. 


If clothes are still covered in lint after drying, check the lint trap. It's the small section of the washing machine usually placed on the top that can safely be pulled out. If the lint trap is fully coated with lint that's most likely the reason why clothes are still coated in lint. Make sure to remove lint from the lint trap every time the laundry is done.


Naturally, when lint is removed from the dryer's lint trap, it's thrown away into the trash. But did you know? Even dryer lint has its uses. Although technically, dryer lint can't be "recycled," it can still be "reused". Here are some ways to "recycle" dryer lint. 

Ways to Recycle Your Dryer Lint

Use it as a fire starter

Dryer lint can be used as kindling for bonfires. Stuff the lint inside an empty toilet paper roll, seal the roll with wax paper, then place the rolls in the fire, make sure to keep the fire away from children.

Use it as an oil sponge

Dryer lint has been proven to be the nemesis of spills. Oil spills specifically, If there is oil or an oil stain lying around the house, cover the area with dryer lint. and leave it for an entire day. Check on it later. Depending on how bad the stain is, it's recommended this step be repeated until it's vanished completely.

Use for DIY craft stuffing

To save money on sewing or knitting projects, dryer lint crumpled with newspaper can be used as a substitute for crafts. ex. knitted dolls or cushions.

Gift box or package stuffing

To save money on stuffing for packages or gifts, dryer lint serves as a cheaper substitute. 

Donate it to the birds

Any birds in the area? Leave your lint outside and the birds will use it for their nest. Imagine with all that fluff how much warmer those birds that refuse to migrate to warmer areas will be, as well as the normal nomads. 

Use for weed protection

If dryer lint is buried in the soil, it stunts the growth of weeds. Simply sprinkle it around the soil but make sure it's dryer lint like cotton and wool fibers and not anything else like polyester, or plastic. Doing this also keeps plants warm and helps them keep water. 

Use it as worm food!

Worms eat lint. Which means healthy soil. Sprinkle it in a garden or compost pile. 


Although dryer lint may not look pretty, there are numerous ways to recycle it safely. Make sure you clear your dryer's lint trap regularly, or it could build up in your dryer vents and cause a fire in your home. To avoid this from happening, it's best to hire a Las Vegas dryer vent cleaning company like ours to ensure a safe home. We recommend having your vents cleaned once each year. Give us a call today to get your $89 dryer vent cleaning.

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