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How To Extend The Life Of Your Washer and Dryer

Just like any other investments such as your home, car, and furniture your appliances is also a big investment from television to cooking and cleaning appliances, it cost a lot of money to own one.


So as much as possible we try to protect to make the most out of our investment and to ensure that it saves our money in the long run- and that includes your washer and dryer.


Many parents or homeowners are complaining that after a certain period of time, their washer and dryer need some repair, or worse, replacement. No one wanted to be in the situation that it feels like they just wasted their money. So here are some tips on how to extend the life of your washer and dryer.

Extending The Life of Your Washing Machine

1) Know Your Appliance

Although different washing machines have the same purpose, it comes in different brands and types. Knowing what you have and how to utilize it properly is the first thing to consider. Washing machines have different types (e.g. Portable, Automatic, Semi-automatic, and front-loading) that require different usage, so not knowing how to properly use your washer might cause breakage and damage.


Also, washers come in different sizes, always follow the label, the amount of water to be put as well as the number of clothes to be washed.

2) Keep Them Level!

Washers should be used on a level floor so vibration does not cause the washer to move. Keep it level to prevent it from moving, which might destroy not only the things around it but the appliance itself.

3) Clean Your Washer Regularly

All types of appliances must be kept clean to prolong the usage, and this is always true for your washing machine. The components of your washer, such as the drums and the dispenser drawer must be kept clean to avoid build-up from detergents, dirt, and removed particles of the clothes.


When there is a build-up, it will be harder for the washer to spin. It is important to note that you must leave the intricate parts of the washer to the expert such as the motor. Always contact a maintenance professional if you realize the problem is not going to be an easy fix.

4) Empty Your Pockets Before Every Washing Cycle

Commonly we forget to check our pockets, but it is a must before you throw your laundry in for a cycle. Coins, dirt and candy wrappers can get through the inside of the washer, destroying the inner workings such as the water holes and spinning motors. Left coins also damage the inner drum of the washer which can often cause water leakage.

5) Don't Overuse Laundry Detergent

Excessive detergent use does not mean cleaner clothes, it will only create excess residue and suds that get harden over time if left inside the washer. Instead of using too much detergent, the right thing is to choose the appropriate type of cleaning agent for your clothes.


According to, one of the ingredients that make detergents work is called surfactant. Surfactants are shortened terms for surface-active agents. One of its ends is attracted to water while the other is not. Understanding the way detergents work is the key to understanding how it works when we wash dirty laundry.


It forms a sphere and wraps around dirt, and the other end of the surfactant will be mixed with water, later on washing away the dirt that became attached to it. However, if you use too much, residue can and will build up, negating the purpose of your washing.

Extending The Life of Your Dryer

1) Know Your Appliance

Same as with the washer, your dryer comes in different brands, types, and sizes. Knowing what specific dryer you have will inform you of how it should be properly used and clean.


Some dryers are heavy-duty in that they can hold and spin a great amount of laundry in a single cycle. Some can handle less, so it's important to become familiar with your specific brand by reading the user's manual before beginning to use your new dryer.


If you've had your dryer for a few years and never studied the manual, take some time to help familiarize yourself with its various functions and settings.

2) Clean The Lint Trap After Every Use

A lint trap is a component of your dryer that acts as a filter. During the spinning cycle, the trap prevents lint from clothes clogging the dryer booster fan and the dryer exhaust pipe. If the dryer's lint trap becomes clogged for too long, it can cause sparks that can ignite your dryer. This can become disastrous as there are thousands of home dryer fires each year that are entirely avoidable by practicing proper dryer vent cleaning.

If you haven't been cleaning out your dryer's lint trap every time, it's best to contact a Las Vegas dryer vent cleaning professional like us to come in and clear out your dryer vents. This can help you avoid a dangerous fire situation and possibly save your family.

3) Vent Your Dryer Consistently

After every use, your dryer should be vented properly removing the accumulated lint from the body of your dryer.


Venting the dryer is not also beneficial in extending the life of your dryer, but it will also keep you safe because too much lint produces carbon monoxide which is detrimental to your health.


Look for the prescribed length of the ducts as stated in the owner's manual, do not use longer ducts that might cause kinks storing highly flammable lint.

4) Don't Stop The Dryer Mid-Cycle

Turning off the dryer in the middle of the cycle is highly dangerous for both your appliance and your welfare. There are two possible consequences of this, the first is it the dryer might malfunction and the second is you will find your laundry could catch fire.


A dryer after an extensive use is heated, that is why dryer has fans in them. If the dryer is turned off before finishing the cycle, the motor continues to give off heat but the fan is already shut down, which will be problematic if this is done consistently.


If you want to finish it early simply set the dryer to a shorter drying cycle before starting the load.


Just like any other thing that we have, the more we take care of our washer and dryer the more we can make the most of it. Your washer and dryer do not have to be high-end to last longer. As long as you know how to properly utilize it, you can extend its life saving money in the long run.

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